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Customer Accolades....PICS

Contact Me; 407 451-0219...PICS
Customer Accolades....PICS

Here is what our customers are saying...

     Larry, Thanks for the massage.  I loved the deep tissue mixed with swedish.  It did wonders for my sore back.  I've found my new therapist.  Thanks, Keith.......................

"Thank you so much for giving the best massage of my vacation!  I never felt so comfortable with a therapist before.  GREAT price for a GREAT massage.  I want you to move to Virginia to replace my regular therapist!  Thank you Larry and I will be back to Florida soon.  Sincerely, Buddy

Larry, I just wanted you to know that last night was probably the deepest and most intense massage I've ever had... Thanks, Grant


Thanks for the great massage.  I thought that I might be sore the next day, but my muscles and body still felt very soothing and refreshed.  I was amazed, actually, that it lasted.  Usually  I'm relaxed the next night, but I felt like I had been on a vacation or something.  It helped with some stress I was having!  Just wanted to let you know how amazing I felt.  So thanks again.  I'm glad to have found you and will schedule another session soon.  Have a great week.  Mike


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Thanks for the great massage!  My shoulder muscles feel better than they have in several years.  Your technique and your skill are exceptional.  Thanks for the great work!  Really like your website too.  Tom


GREAT massage!!! I wish you lived closer to home!  I'll see you next time I'm in town. Steve

Thanks sooooo much for the massage. It was great to meet you and experience your massage.  I'm feeling totally relaxed and ready for bed.  Your hands and smile made butter out of me.  Thanks, hope we can do it again.  Hugs, Will

Hi Larry, I thought I should let you know that I am very greatful that you know what you are doing and that i finally found a therapist who knows how to work on my muscles without causing pain as other therapists do.  I wanted you and everyone else to know that you are professional at what you do and I won't let any other therapist at my doctors office even touch me.  I also thank God for blessing you with those miracle hands of yours.  Thank you,  Lissette

Larry, I just wanted to tell you your massage was THE best I've ever had, Truly...John L....

Thanks for the awesome massage last week!  You do the best massage, digging and stretching massage Iv'e ever had.  My glutes, legs and back feel wonderful.  Ron